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Montreal's Getting An Immersive 'Bridgerton Experience' That Feels Like Living In The Show

Her Majesty — and Netflix — request your presence...

Montreal's Getting An Immersive 'Bridgerton Experience' That Feels Like Living In The Show

Brace yourselves, Bridgerton fans, because the voice of Lady Whistledown is coming to Montreal with an immersive Bridgerton experience that will transport you straight to Regency-era London. It will undoubtedly be THE event of the social season.

Presented by Netflix, Shondaland and Fever, The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience lets participants relive the main character's story. How? With actors dressed in period costumes, interactive rooms decorated in Regency-era style and a live string quartet playing the Bridgerton soundtrack in the background.

"Attendees will be acquainted with familiar characters to relive and participate in much-loved moments from Netflix and Shondaland's hit series," reads a press release from Netflix.

The experience includes a trip to Madame Delacroix's modiste to get fitted for the occasion, as well as a stop at an underground Regency-era painting studio, where guests can "strike their most regal pose." Then comes a "highly-anticipated visit with the Queen" to try to win her favour.

Yes, that does mean one of you could be named the season's diamond!

Participants will attend an actual ball complete with music, dancing, acrobatic performances, interactive experiences, a dance show, cocktails and more.

Montreal is one of just four cities — and the only Canadian city — that gets to preview the Bridgerton experience before it tours the world.

Details are still limited but you can mark your calendar for early 2022 when the experience is expected to take place at "a secret stunning location in Montreal" with various sessions from Tuesday to Saturday. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Tickets start at $45 per person and you must be 17+ with a valid ID to take part.

You can join the waitlist right now and tickets go on sale on September 16 at 10 a.m.

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