Montreal Sleeps Are Among The Most Stressful In The World, According To A New Study

Sooo... who else is a stressed out, red-eyed insomniac?

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Montreal Sleeps Are Among The Most Stressful In The World, According To A New Study

How'd you sleep last night? New research analyzing tweets from around the world suggests you probably slept pretty poorly if you were in Montreal. used a tool called TensiStrength to measure the stress levels in sleep- and snoring-related tweets from across the globe. Based on its findings, it ranked Montreal #20 on a list of 120 cities with the most stressful night's sleep.

In Montreal, 47.48% of tweets about sleep were labelled as stressful.

This puts Montreal ahead of ultra-bustling cities like Mumbai, India — #96 on the list — which has around 20 million people yet supposedly has a less stressful sleep culture. In Mumbai, 40.48% of tweets about sleep were stressful.

The worst city for sleep was Rochester, New York where 55.21% of tweets about sleep were stressful. Comparatively, the best city on the list for sleep was Cali, Colombia with 33.93% stressed tweets about sleep.

Montreal was one of three Canadian cities to make the top 20 with Vancouver leading in stressful sleep at #15 on the list. Toronto is #18 on the list.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that many different variables could be at play with these findings, including access to the Internet. Or perhaps people in certain places are less accustomed to disturbed sleep and therefore more likely to tweet about it when it happens.

But this research does give us an idea of how people in cities, including Montreal, describe their sleep habits. recommends "firm windows, a well-selected mattress, and your favourite pillows" to create the "delicious bath of oblivion' that will propel you toward a restful night's sleep.

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