Montreal Won't Defund The Police Next Year & Actually Increased The Police Budget

Those hoping that Montreal would defund the police to some extent are going to be disappointed with the city's 2021 budget

$1,029,647,500 of the city's $6.17 billion budget for 2021 will go towards public safety services.

$679,110,200 of that will go to the police, an increase of $14,649,700 from the 2020 budget.

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I am very proud of this budget.

Mayor Valérie Plante

The city's public safety budget for 2021, which also includes the fire department, is the largest budgetary allocation, more than the road network, social housing, and public transit.

According to Mayor Plante, "this budget aims to meet the needs of fellow Montrealers, within the context of the current crisis, while preparing the recovery of our metropolis and its future."

If you recall this summer, the city asked Montrealers to submit their opinion on whether to limit the SPVM's funding.

The mayor also reportedly said she was "open" to examining police funding.