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Montrealers Shared Their Most Hated Intersections In The City & Some Are Absolute Chaos

Have you ever walked across a Montreal intersection so dreadfully planned and absolutely terrifying that you think every step you take will be your last? Welcome to Quebec!

Unfortunately, confusing, even dangerous, pedestrian crossings are a recurring theme on our city's many roads and avenues.

While city officials are currently tackling that issue with their Vision Zero plan, the reality is that we live in a large city with countless intersections that can potentially be hazardous, especially when you add careless drivers into the mix. 

So we asked MTL Blog readers: which intersections are the absolute worst ones for pedestrians in Montreal? And you, our lovely readers, delivered in spades. 

Here are the worst intersections for pedestrians in Montreal according to MTL Blog readers!

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We got several relatable responses and even more people that replied: "all intersections in the city" are the worst.

To make it easier for you all, we split up the best and most common responses by rough geographical location.

West Side

boul. Decarie / rue Queen Mary / in front of Snowdon

I for one can attest to this nightmare of an intersection because I used to live in the area.

While I never had an accident, the truth is almost no one respects the crossing lights and when there are seven 51 buses trying to park at that one bus stop in front of Snowdon, chaos ensues.

ave. Kensington / ave. Somerled

Google Maps

"Because there's a school right there and kids are all over the place."

rue Côte-Saint-Luc / boul. Decarie

Google Maps

rue Côte-Saint-Luc / boul. Cavendish

Google Maps

"I'm always scared crossing that intersection," said one responder.

East Side

ave. du Parc / ave. du Mont-Royal

Google Maps

ave. de Castelnau / boul. St. Laurent

Google Maps

rue Rachel / ave. Parc-La Fontaine

"Drivers don't look."

This intersection is especially terrible in the summer because pedestrians have to dodge several thousand bikes that are inexplicably speeding down the bike path.

Like, settle down, Lance, you aren't impressing anyone in your spandex.

ave. Rockland / rue Jean-Talon / boul. Graham

Google Maps

ave. de Bois-de-Boulogne / boul. Henri-Bourassa O. 

Google Maps

"It's super stressful and it's like, six lanes to cross," said one reader.

Downtown / Sud-Ouest

rue Peel / boul. René-Lévesque

Google Maps

rue Peel / rue Notre-Dame O. 

Google Maps

rue Sainte-Catherine O. / ave. Union

Google Maps

This intersection has been under construction for the past 85,000 years (or so it seems!)

rue Guy / rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

As a former Concordia student, 100 times yes to how terrible this intersection is.

The crossing lights are too short, drivers can turn both ways for some inexplicable reason, and whenever a bus comes barreling around the corner to park in front of the metro, it comes inches away from crushing some poor first-year who doesn't know the meaning of the word hustle.

rue Wellington / rue Saint-Patrick

Google Maps

"The lines are set way back, so it's a death trap," explained one reader.

Which intersection is your least favourite?

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