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Montreal's Favourite Christmas Pop-Up Bar Finally Confirmed Its Return In 2020

The miracle we've all been waiting for. 🎅🏼
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Montreal's Favourite Christmas Pop-Up Bar Finally Confirmed Its Return In 2020

It's a 2020 miracle! Everyone's favourite Christmas pop-up bar, Miracle, has officially announced that they will, in fact, be back for the holidays. 

The post on the bar's Instagram page says that due to the current COVID-19 situation, the exact dates and location are still being determined, but we're sure wherever it is, it'll be just as festive as always.

We don't know about you, but our sleigh bells are already jinglin'...

Editor's Choice:Montreal's Favourite Christmas Pop-Up Bar Finally Confirmed It's Return In 2020

We reached out to Kevin Demers, owner of The ColdroomEl Pequeño Bar and Parliament Pub & Parlour, the team behind the pop-up.

"No matter what, Miracle will go on this year, even if it's only 1 day we're allowed to be open, we will, and above all else we will open safely and follow all the government instructed guidelines," Kevin said. 

"This is an experience that brings people together. It is an event that has a special place in my team and [my] heart. Yes we understand we can't open yet, but planning ahead never hurt anyone.

For the last two years, the event has raised over 50,000$ for the children's hospital, Opération Père Noel, Project GROW and mealshare and the team plans to "keep that tradition alive."

The team also plans to help all of those in the hospitality industry who have been affected by the pandemic. Because nothing says getting into the holiday spirit quite like giving back.

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