The City Of Montreal Is Turning A Soccer Stadium Into A 24-Hour Shelter For Those In Need

This comes after Legault's decision that the homeless population isn't exempt from Quebec's curfew.
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The City Of Montreal Is Turning A Soccer Stadium Into A 24-Hour Shelter For Those In Need

The issue of finding shelter for Montreal's homeless population has definitely been on people's minds in the last few weeks, especially with the Quebec government's curfew and the lack of an exemption for those living on the street. An Innu man died on the night of January 16 near a shelter due to the cold, which many say could have been avoided.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante took to Instagram on January 24 to announce that Stade De Soccer De Montréal will be converted into a 24-hour shelter for those who need it, called La Porte Ouverte.

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"It is by working together that we will succeed in leaving no one behind. This is especially true when we must quickly find innovative solutions to complex issues such as homelessness," says the mayor, translated from French.

She goes on to say the centre will be particularly important in the coming days as temperatures are expected to drop in the city.

More centres will be opened as needed, Plante says.

The mayor ends her caption by acknowledging the work of front line workers and organizations that are continuing the fight against COVID-19.

"All this work comes with a price. I have a special thought for the health care workers, the Red Cross and the network of community organizations, who are out of breath after more than ten months of crisis management."

"At this point, there are concerns about a lack of staff. More effort will be required to assist them."

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