Montreal's Hot New Caribbean Spot Now Does Takeout (VIDEO)

Kamuy is the closest thing to a vacation in 2020.
Montreal's Hot New Caribbean Spot Now Does Takeout (VIDEO)

The days may be getting colder and darker, but renowned chef Paul Toussaint is bringing the sun to Montreal with his new Caribbean restaurant, Kamuy. 

The spot openned up back in August, but as the city entered red alert in October, Kamuy began offering a ton of takeout options.

On this episode of Good Bites: Takeout, host Alex Melki is living his best staycation with some takeout from the city's new hot spot. 

With a spread of dishes inspired by Jamaica, Haiti, France, Quebec, and the Caribbean, this is a flavor tour across sun-kissed beaches and islands much warmer than Montreal. 

You can find out more about Kamuy here, and check out what chef Paul Toussaint is up to on Instagram.

UPDATE: Kamúy Restaurant temporarily transitions take-out and delivery to Paul Toussaint Time Out location in Centre Eaton. Thursday to Sunday.