This Montreal Ice Cream Spot Makes The Ultimate Treat For Cooling Off During A Heat Wave

With Montreal experiencing its first real heat wave of the season, how could you not be dreaming of refreshing swimming pools and cold desserts

Le Blueboy Artisan Glacier in the Plateau Mont-Royal, a '60s beach-themed artisanal ice cream parlour, has the ultimate summer treat for cooling down during a heat wave.

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Le Blueboy will hallow out a full watermelon or pineapple and fill it with pieces of fruit as well as multiple swirls of your favourite soft-serve sorbet and ice cream flavours.

Then they top it off with colourful candies and fun decorations, like a little umbrella.

Ice cream and sorbet flavours include taro, cherry, mango and key lime pie.

The bowls can be split with friends and are made for two to three people.

Le Blueboy Watermelon & Pineapple Bowls

Price: $24.50 per watermelon bowl & $21 per pineapple bowl

Cuisine: Soft serve ice cream, sorbet & other cold treats

Address: 150, ave. Mont-Royal E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: If you need to cool off, make it delicious.