Montreal's New Professional Basketball Team Name & Logo Have Been Unveiled

You've got a new sports team to cheer for, Montreal. Meet the Montreal Alliance, the city's first-ever Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) franchise.

According to a statement by the CEBL, the inspiration behind the team name comes from the "more than 120 cultural communities that embrace individuality, diversity, and inclusion" in Montreal.

"Alliance brings together people from different backgrounds with unique stories, creating a sense of pride and belonging like never before," the league wrote on social media.

The team logo depicts a blue wolf with a fleur-de-lis on its forehead.

"An individual wolf is fierce, hungry, and unrelenting," the social media statement reads. "Yet, like a city or basketball team, alliances are necessary to survive."

The CEBL, which began to play in 2019, is slowly expanding. It's one of the only professional basketball leagues in Canada outside the NBA.

The Alliance is the league's ninth franchise.