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Montreal's New Basketball Team Shared A Sneak Peek Of Its Court

Have you seen the mascot?

The Verdun Auditorium basketball arena.

The Verdun Auditorium basketball arena.

It's all coming together for Montreal's new basketball team. The Montreal Alliance has a new mascot, new draft picks, and now a new home arena. On an April 15 tweet, the team showed off the recently revamped Verdun Auditorium and shared how fans can win a season membership and prizes.

Budding fans of the newest addition to the Canadian Elite Basketball League can win a season membership, an autographed team jersey and an autographed ball by mainly interacting with the team's Twitter and spreading the word about Montreal's newest basketball team.

The Montreal Alliance is playing an inaugural away game on May 25 against the Hamilton Honey Badgers, starting what is sure to become an infamous Montreal-Toronto rivalry à la Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Alliance will then get to play on their home turf for two games: one versus the Scarborough Shooting Stars on May 29, and one against the Ottawa BlackJacks on May 31.

The new team also has a new mascot, a blue wolf with a fleur de lys on its forehead named Alli-Oop.

The team announced on April 19 that they have two new draft picks. Alain Louis played four seasons at Carleton University and was the second draft pick overall. A point guard, Louis previously played for the Ottawa BlackJacks. He was named the MVP of the U SPORTS National Championship.

Marc-André Fortin was the nineteenth draft pick overall and used to play for the Université de Laval.

Training for the team begins on May 16.

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