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Montreal's Place Des Festivals Could Be Getting A New Name

Ensemble Montréal, the opposition party, is putting forward a motion for it be named after jazz legend Oscar Peterson.
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Montreal's Place Des Festivals Could Be Getting A New Name

Ensemble Montréal will be putting forward a motion at the October Municipal Council meeting to have Place des Festivals officially re-named "Place Oscar-Peterson," honouring the late Montreal pianist and jazz legend.

Peterson grew up in the Little Burgundy neighbourhood of Montreal, where he was able to master his craft and go on to have international success. 

The square in question, Place des Festivals, was inaugurated in 2009 to recognize the many festivals that take place here in Montreal and give the city the rightful title of being the "Festival Capital of North America."

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Montreal was the springboard to his exceptional international career, and the city he proudly recognized throughout his life.

His widow, Mrs. Kelly Peterson

The Montreal International Jazz Festival, in particular, is one of the most popular festivals to happen in this place and was of high significance to Peterson.

In 1990, the Oscar Peterson Award was created for the festival to "recognize a performer's musicianship and exceptional contribution to the development of Canadian jazz."

Earlier this year, a petition went viral that asked the City of Montreal to change the name of the Lionel-Groulx metro station to be named after Peterson.

Although the change did not take place, the conversation on other ways to preserve his legacy has continued.

The meeting will take place on October 19 where it will be officially brought to the council.

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