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Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles Will Transform Into A Catwalk With A Giant Pop-Up Shop

Wear your best looks while you strut to live music during the city's fashion and design festival! 🤩

Attendees at a previous edition of Montreal's Fashion + Design Festival.

Attendees at a previous edition of Montreal's Fashion + Design Festival.

Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles will transform into a giant catwalk from August 25 to 28, showcasing the latest fashion trends from Canadian designers and artisans. For four days, Montreal fashionistas can find inspiration and perfect their looks by attending 16 free runway shows downtown.

Keep an eye out for new original collections and meaningful clothing lines, as many of the participating brands will be advocating for a cause.

You can attend shows by La Pimbêche, an intersectional feminist designer, 1er Mai, who is promoting sustainability, along with Lakuachimoto, a Montreal-based unisex line.


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Other free catwalk shows include FDG Design, Krykou, Made to be mad, Moni Amuli Couture and more.

Of course, you'll have the possibility of growing your own wardrobe with a pop-up store that features more than forty established brands and local artisans. You can plan your shopping list beforehand by looking at their online store now.

Musicians and dancers will entertain the crowd in between two fashion shows (and a possible shopping spree).

This year, festival-goers can expect a diversity of performers from different backgrounds, including African dancers and vocalists, French rappers, DJs, members of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and the ballroom scene, as well as the Scream Dance Academy.

Bars serving alcohol-based and non-alcoholic beverages will be available on site, so you can sip a cocktail while watching the models show off their best attire.

Fashion + Design Festival

Cost: Free fashion shows & performances

When: August 25 to 28

Where: Quartier des Spectacles


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