The Western Wildfire Smoke Has Made It All The Way To Montreal & We Could See More Of It

The smoke has reached all the way across the continent.
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Montreal's Smokey Skies Are Due To The Western Wildfires

Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault confirmed to MTL Blog that the murky skies over Montreal recently are due to smoke plumes that have reached across the continent from the wildfires in the western United States. 

The smoke will be around until Thursday morning when an incoming cold front will sweep it away, though cloud cover on Wednesday already makes the smoke difficult to perceive.

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4 – 7 km altitude of smoke in the atmosphere

The smoke is restricted to an area several kilometres up in the atmosphere, so it isn't negatively affecting air quality at ground level, Legault said.

As the wildfires continue, it's not impossible that smoke will once again be visible over Montreal in the weeks to come.

In the West, the smoke has produced some of the worst air quality in the world.

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