Most Quebecers Are 'Fine' With The Term 'Systemic Racism' Even Though Legault Isn't

A survey shows a majority of Quebecers agree "systemic racism" is accurate.

Most Quebecers Are 'Fine' With The Term 'Systemic Racism' Even Though Legault Isn't

Most Quebecers agree that the term "systemic racism" is an "accurate way of describing the level of prejudice and discrimination" in the province, a survey by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies shows.

66% of polled Quebecers either strongly or "somewhat" agreed with that sentiment. That's compared to a 67% average among provinces, according to the survey.

The survey results come after Premier François Legault doubled down on his rejection of the term.

On Wednesday, Legault accused opposition party leaders of trying to "win some points" by asking him about his thoughts on systemic racism.

"A majority of Quebecers are not as uncomfortable with the use of the term as the Premier would have us believe," Association for Canadian Studies CEO Jack Jedwab said in a statement shared with MTL Blog.

He said approval of the term was strongest among women, young people, people identifying as belonging to a visible minority group, and NDP, Green and Liberal supporters, but "majorities across all demographics and nearly all partisan identifiers regard the use of the term systemic racism to be an accurate description."

Leger contacted 1,537 Canadians between September 23 and 26 for the survey.