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Most Quebecers Want At Least 75% Of All Canadians Fully Vaccinated Before The Border Opens

Though some provinces are more interested in welcoming back Americans, according to a poll.
Most Quebecers Don't Want U.S. Border Reopening Until 75% Of Canadians Fully Vaccinated

In a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute, over half of Quebec respondents said that Canada should reach a vaccination rate of at least 75% before opening the U.S. border. 

With many Canadians already envisioning a life post-COVID-19, the poll found that a "vast majority (69%)" are willing to wait it out until "at least three-quarters" of the country are fully vaccinated before opening the border to travel. 

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Only 22% of Canadians would be willing to open the Canada-U.S. border immediately, according to the survey.

Thirty-five percent of Quebec respondents agreed that the country should wait until over 75% of the population has two vaccine doses. Thirty-seven percent agreed that having 75% of the population fully vaccinated is adequate.

Only 20% of Quebec respondents agreed that the borders should open immediately. 

Respondents in Alberta and Saskatchewan were the most interested in welcoming back Americans, according to the poll, as 42% and 30% of respondents, respectively, want the border to open immediately.

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