This Mouthwatering Lebanese Restaurant Just Opened Its Montreal Dining Room & WOW (PHOTOS)


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This Mouthwatering Lebanese Restaurant Just Opened Its Montreal Dining Room & WOW (PHOTOS)

SHAY Griffintown is one of Montreal's tastiest new Lebanese restaurants, though "new" is a relative term.

If the name sounds familiar, it's because SHAY was offering a takeout menu until July when the team officially opened the doors to its dining room and coffee bar. And, if you thought the takeout menu was impressive, just wait until you step inside.

"We wanted to do a very fun, easy-going, but still super cool higher-end version of Lebanese food," owner and operator Olivier Berkani told MTL Blog. The indoor dining room radiates casual class with an air of mystery, and the terrasse is like an outdoor oasis above the busy streets of Griffintown.

If the stunning decor wasn't enough to convince you to head to Griffintown, the menu from Chef Joe Awad and his team will leave you drooling. It's filled with staples of Lebanese cuisine, like hummus, labneh and fattoush salad, but there are also some modern plot twists, like a falafel bao, one of the restaurant's most popular items.

The menu is designed for sharing multiple small plates, so don't worry if lots of dishes catch your eye — you can try them all!

And don't forget about the drink menu. SHAY's in-house mixologist has curated a list of signature cocktails that will be shaken up every season. There's also a small wine list and Arak, a traditional Arabic spirit, to really keep things authentic.

Berkani also told us that brunch is definitely in SHAY's future.

But, for now, we're just happy to be able to grab dinner and drinks at the Griffintown restaurant and keep the good times rolling all night long.

SHAY Griffintown

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Lebanese

Address: 1414, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: The only thing more impressive than the decor is the dishes, themselves!


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