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You Can Get Naughty Waffles At This Montreal Spot This Spring

Yes, they're supposed to look like that.
Naughty Waffles From Montreal's Zizi Pop Are Available This Summer

If you ever thought traditional waffles shapes were just too boring, then you might want to check out the naughty waffles from Montreal's Zizi Pop.

The waffle vendor — the first of its kind in Canada, according to Narcity Québec — is set to open on April 9.

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Zizi Pop is setting up shop at the entrance to the Loam restaurant in Old Montreal, where Montrealers will be able to pick up their naughty waffles through the summer.

A menu posted to an Instagram story highlight shows flavours that include, among others, dark and white chocolate with coconut; dark and white chocolate with Oreo; white chocolate, salted caramel and cotton candy; white chocolate and Nutella; barbecue sauce and bacon; teriyaki and puffed rice, and cheese and fried onions.

"Our idea is to bring something reassuring, colorful, pop but still offering something original," co-owner Salvatore Armonia told Narcity.

Get the details below.

Zizi Pop

Price: $7

Address: 400, rue Notre-Dame E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: For super decadent waffles that just happen to have a phallic shape.

Instagram page

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