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6 Breathtaking Photos Of The Full 'Strawberry Moon' That Shone In Montreal As The Habs Won

The last supermoon of 2021 made Saint-Jean-Baptiste even more magical.
6 Breathtaking Photos Of The Full 'Strawberry Moon' That Shone In Montreal As The Habs Won

The first full moon of summer in Montreal and the last supermoon of the year peaked last night, as the Habs declared victory over the Vegas Golden Knights and Quebecers celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.

It was a monumental night in Montreal, but Quebecers made time to snap tranquil, moonlit photos of the strawberry supermoon on June 24.

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A supermoon is visible when the moon's orbit is closest to Earth at the same time that the moon is full, making it appear bigger and brighter than a regular full moon.

It's called the strawberry moon because it's during strawberry harvesting season — not because it's red, although it can appear rosy in certain lighting. 

The moon was still looking gorgeous in all areas of Quebec last night. In Lac-Saint-Louis, @Sheens13 snapped a photo of the warm-toned strawberry moon, still visible at dusk on June 25.

Montreal photographer, Freddy aka @arcpixel, captured the strawberry moon shining bright above the downtown skyline.

Local Twitch streamer @Nyzechu took a quintessential Montreal photo of the city's infamous Farine Five Roses sign, with the oversized strawberry moon looking surreal as ever.

"Super Moon for the super #22," tweeted Daniele Sauvageau, referencing Habs player Cole Caufield. What a beautiful night!

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