Quebec Has A New Advisor To Help Indigenous Families With Missing Children 'Find Answers'

She said families of missing children "have been waiting too long."
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Quebec Appointed A New Advisor To Help Indigenous Families With Missing Children

The Quebec government has appointed Anne Panasuk, a former Radio-Canada journalist, as a special advisor "to support the families of missing and deceased Indigenous children who were admitted to a health and social services institution."

According to the ministry for Indigenous affairs, Panasuk will "act, among other things, as a support in the relations between the Quebec government and the Indigenous families concerned."

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Citing "new legislation and the establishment of the Family Support Directorate within the Indigenous Affairs Secretariat," Panasuk said "we have the necessary tools to finally answer the questions of families of missing children who have been waiting for too long."

At a press conference on Tuesday, Panasuk said she "would like the First Nations and first and foremost the people of Pakua Shipu [...] that they place their trust in this work that I am going to do, which is in fact to help them."

"That's what we want to do, help families find answers."

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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