Here Are All The COVID-19 Rules Changing In Quebec Today

Remember last year when it seemed that every week there were new COVID-19 rules that the Quebec government would spring on us and we all felt really down? Well, it's the same thing this year, but instead of misery, we're feeling optimistic because this summer's new COVID-19 rules have an eye towards a pandemic-free future.

Quebec is ushering in a new wave of COVID-19 rule relaxations on July 12 and here's what you need to know. 

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Come a little bit closer

One of the major changes coming on Monday is that you no longer have to maintain a two-metre distance between other people. 

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), "the distance to be respected between people from different residences will be lowered from two meters to one meter, both outside and inside."

There are still two situations that require two-metre distancing, however: "singing activities" and "high-intensity exercise in gyms," according to the government. 

Wearing a face mask is still mandatory in all indoor public spaces. 

Let's get flexible 

No, not like that! 

We're talking about stores, festivals, sporting events, and other activities with potentially large crowds. 

As of Monday, there won't be any capacity limits inside retail stores. While you still have to maintain a one-metre distance, there will be no more annoying lineups outside. 

Moreover, in venues with fixed seating, people from different households only need to keep one seat between them and other parties. One-metre distancing is still required in common areas.

Finally, "at amateur events where spectators are seated in bleachers, bleachers or fixed seating, the maximum number of spectators permitted per sports venue is 50 indoors and 100 outdoors."

The government has also reminded Quebecers that "since June 25, adequately protected people" — i.e. people with two doses of a vaccine — "no longer have to follow the recommendations on distancing and wearing a face covering during gatherings in private homes."