Local Trainer Val Desjardins Explains Why Her Gym Won't Reopen Just Yet

We spoke with Desjardins about COVID-19 concerns regarding the reopening of gyms.
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Local Trainer Val Desjardins Explains Why Her Gym Won't Reopen Just Yet

While we know many Montrealers were ecstatic to find out that all Quebec gyms were given the green light to reopen their doors as of June 22, the news came with many concerns as well. We spoke with local trainer Val Desjardins, owner of Victoria Park Fitness Club, to see what she had to say about the use of indoor gyms in the midst of a pandemic. And, why she'll be keeping her indoor fitness space closed for the time being.

Val believes that "it's an important time for gyms right now. There's a shift in the industry. Super interesting times. Challenging. Intense."

In regards to the reopening of Quebec gyms, she explained that "the guidelines being mandated by the government are fairly straightforward and revolve primarily around social distancing and sanitation stations."

It's now essentially up to each individual establishment to ensure that proper rules are followed.

Val's main excitement when it comes to the reopening of gyms is that it's good for people's mental health — as much as their physical well-being.

She told MTL Blog that she's been "watching and listening to the needs of the wellness community for the last three months."

Val gave an update on her Instagram story to let her followers know what's up with the Victoria Park space for July.

She shared that after doing many polls, people are "still more comfortable working out outside or online," which is why her fitness space will remain closed for the moment.

Val told MTL Blog that, "this is an era where flexible offerings, digital solutions and adapted environments are king."

"We will reopen as soon as we believe that we are offering a safe and healthy experience on all levels."

So, Desjardins in sticking to outdoor and online trainings for the time being.

On June 22, the day Quebec gyms were officially allowed to open their doors again, Val shared an Instagram post with a caption that highlighted the importance of listening, accessibility, patience, and rest.

"We got the green light to reopen our studio today which is rad, but we are taking our time and making decisions purely based on the polling of our community," Desjardins wrote.

She explained to MTL Blog that at Victoria Park, they're "not looking to implement the necessary solutions but rather the best solutions."

"We're in it for the long run and plan on having both our physical and digital space up and running by the end of the summer. It's going to be amazing."

"There is no room for 'faking it.' This is a time for proper language, profound knowledge and expertise."

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