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Quebec Isn't Going To Support Hosting The 2026 FIFA World Cup In Montreal

Montreal might not get any world cup matches.
Quebec Isn't Going To Support Hosting The 2026 FIFA World Cup In Montreal

The Quebec government has decided not to financially support hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Montreal. This was first reported by La Presse.

The issue: money.

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The anticipated explosion in the event's costs became difficult for us to justify to Quebec taxpayers.

Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx

Though, in a statement shared with MTL Blog, Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx said the government "would have been happy and ready to support the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in Montreal," its ballooning projected cost became an issue.

"In less than three years," she said, "the estimated costs for the Quebec government doubled from $50 million to $103 million."

FIFA originally selected Canada, the U.S. and Mexico as host countries for the 2026 World Cup in 2018.

Montreal was one of 23 candidate host cities in the three countries as of January 26, 2021.

Edmonton and Toronto are the other potential host cities in Canada.

"We understand that the decision not to support the hosting of FIFA World Cup games in 2026 may disappoint the City of Montreal and soccer fans," Proulx said. 

With the current situation as it is, the government would rather prioritize supporting "Quebecers and businesses in times of pandemic and towards economic recovery."

"Let's be very clear," said Proulx, "we continue to support the City of Montréal, notably through specific investments dedicated to tourism recovery and by remaining on the lookout for major events that will be win-win-win for all parties."

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