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Quebec Hopes To Move More Zones To Orange 'In The Coming Weeks' So Restaurants Can Reopen

"The vaccine is essential to have a great summer."
Staff Writer

At a press conference on Tuesday, Premier François Legault suggested that Quebec is looking at moving more regions into the orange zone "in the coming weeks," so that restaurants could reopen and that we could all have "a great summer."

The premier emphasized that while things are looking positive, he believes it's crucial that Quebecers get vaccinated in order to get back to normal. 

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"We continue to vaccinate more every day and we're getting closer to normal lives," said Legault

"But if we want to get there, we must lift the restrictions gradually and at least 75% of Quebecers over 18 years old need to be vaccinated. The vaccine is essential to have a great summer."

Legault explained that it's not only the "percentage of vaccinations" that'll determine whether or not things will begin to reopen. If this benchmark is reached, he said, "we're giving ourselves a very good chance to have a good summer."

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