Quebec Is Cancelling Exams For Primary & Secondary Students This School Year

Students rejoice! No ministerial exams this year.
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It's time to throw away your cheat-sheets and cancel those late-night study sessions because ministerial school exams are officially cancelled in Quebec for all elementary and secondary school students. 

The announcement was made on Friday by Education Minister Jean-François Roberge. 

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We are now updating our plan with new adjustments that take into account both the health and educational situation in our schools.

Jean-François Roberge, Quebec Education Minister

The plan comes just ahead of schools reopening across the province.

Despite reports of concerns from both parents and teachers, the government will forge ahead with reopening schools.

Roberge said the government in Quebec, unlike other places, has "always prioritized student attendance in the classroom." 

Along with the cancelled exams, the first report cards can be postponed until February 5. 

Elementary school students will return to class on January 11 and secondary school students on January 18. 

Elementary school students will have to wear masks in all common areas and students in grade five and above will have to wear them in class.

The government will be giving secondary school students and teachers new masks every day.

"We are convinced that the new measures announced will not only ease the pressure on students, parents and staff but will also give extra support to those students who need it most," concluded Roberge.

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