The Number Of People Allowed At Public Gatherings In Quebec Is Changing As Of August 3

For both indoor and outdoor gatherings.
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The Number Of People Allowed At Public Gatherings In Quebec Is Changing As Of August 3

Quebec public gathering rules are changing in the coming weeks. As of August 3, 2020, up to 250 people will be allowed in all indoor and outdoor public gatherings. Previously, only 50 people were allowed. The rule applies to "performance halls, theatres, and cinemas" across Quebec and "the public attending a production, an indoor audiovisual shoot or an indoor show recording." 

Physical distancing rules will still be enforced in each of these establishments. Mandatory mask-wearing is also required. 

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"With this announcement, we are enabling the people of Quebec to take ownership in greater numbers of the cultural places that delight young and old," said Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications.

"However, it remains essential to combine our efforts to promote a safe reopening in accordance with public health notices."

"It is only if we follow the guidelines that we can once again appreciate the cultural manifestations that help shape our pride and identity." 

When standing, spectators will have to maintain a 2-metre distance between each other. When seated, a 1.5-metre distance is suggested. 

For private gatherings, the government maintains that up to 10 people can be allowed at a time.

The new rule will also include "indoor amateur sports training or event, as well as places of worship, courtrooms and rented rooms, [and] community halls."

Due to significant risk, however, professional sporting events, major concerts, and festivals are still prohibited

"I'm happy to be able to formalize the return of more people to training or indoor amateur sporting events," said Isabelle Charest, Minister responsible for Education and Minister responsible for the Status of Women.

"Many athletes and spectators will be happy with the news, but I invite them to continue to respect the instructions of public health. It is only by being all responsible that we can resume the normal course of our lives."

Based on the province's analysis of the situation, gatherings of up to 250 people are now considered safe.

"Everyone's collaboration, particularly through the application of physical distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask or face cover when indicated, is essential to ensure the success of this new stage," added Richard Massé, strategic medical advisor at the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

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