Quebec Has Been Ranked The #3 Most Miserable Province In Canada During The Pandemic

At least we're not number one.
Contributing Writer

The coronavirus crisis has spread misery across Canada, but the misery hasn't been spread equally.

According to the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s new Provincial COVID Misery Index, which measures the toll COVID-19 has taken on Canadians, Quebec has had the third most miserable pandemic experience behind Ontario and Alberta.

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However, Quebecers experienced the highest levels of "Disease Misery" in the country due to our high mortality rate, caseloads, and excess deaths.

Safe in their Atlantic bubble where they experienced relatively low levels of economic hardship, restrictions and deaths, the Maritime provinces were the least miserable.

In an accompanying news release, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute argues lockdowns are not the answer to bringing COVID-19 under control.

"Lockdowns were originally pitched to Canadians as a magic bullet," argued MLI senior fellow Richard Audas, the designer of the Provincial COVID Misery Index. "Unfortunately, while the disease itself is predictable, human behaviour is not."

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