Quebec Plans To Get Rid Of Social Distancing For University & CEGEP Students This Fall

"There is now a real possibility that the start of the school year will be in-person."
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Quebec Universities & CEGEPS Won't Have Social Distancing This Fall

In an announcement Monday, Minister for Higher Education Danielle McCann called on Quebec universities and CEGEPs to prepare for the return of students to campus this fall — including the elimination of two-metre social distancing "in all classrooms and common areas."

"There is now a real possibility that the start of the school year will be in-person on Quebec's college and university campuses," McCann stated in a press release.

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"Reaching the target of 75% of 16-to-29-year-olds having received two doses of vaccine, combined with stable epidemiological conditions, should allow students to return to campus," the ministry explained.

But Quebec is also preparing a "fallback" in case things don't go according to plan.

"This plan will need to provide options and solutions that can be deployed quickly in the event that the health situation requires a return to physical separation between students, which would be one metre in classrooms and common areas."

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