There Will Be No COVID-19 Red Zones Left In Quebec As Of Monday

Per the provincial government's website, there are currently 11 COVID-19 red zones remaining in Quebec — but on Monday, those 11 areas will become orange zones, marking the end of red zones in Quebec.

"This means that as of Monday, June 7, there will be no more red regions in Quebec," said Premier François Legault during a June 1 press conference where he announced the changes. 

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At the same press conference, Legault confirmed that Montreal and Laval would become orange zones on June 7.

While many rules in red and orange zones are similar, indoor restaurant dining and gyms will be able to reopen. Occupancy caps will also increase to allow more gatherings in public spaces.

For example, places of worship have an occupancy limit of 25 people in red zones. This increases to 100 people in orange zones.

However, weddings and funerals can still only receive a maximum of 25 people, in both zones.