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Quebecers Are The Most 'Relaxed' In Canada About COVID-19 Measures, Says A New Study

That includes social distancing and wearing a mask indoors.
Quebecers Are The Most 'Relaxed' In Canada About COVID-19 Measures, Says A New Study

A new survey by Léger Marketing shows that Quebecers are the most "relaxed" Canadians when it comes to respecting COVID-19 related public health and safety measures.

The survey spoke to 1,539 Canadians across the country, with questions ranging from their likelihood to receive vaccinations to their views on Donald Trump.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents from Quebec said they have relaxed in the past month when it comes to COVID-19 regulations.

These regulations include social distancing, wearing a mask in indoor public spaces, frequent handwashing and not gathering in large groups. 

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67% Quebec respondents who "relaxed" on COVID-19 public health measures

The largest proportion of Quebec respondents were especially lax on wearing a mask in indoor places like grocery stores and on public transit.

Notably, Quebec is also one of the regions in Canada that's least afraid of contracting the coronavirus, according to the survey.

When questioned on whether or not they were afraid of the virus, 42% of Quebec respondents said they were not, surpassed only by Atlantic Canada at 45%.

Fifty-six percent of Quebecers said they were afraid of COVID-19, followed by Atlantic Canada, which had the lowest rate of fear, at 52%. 

Ontario was the most afraid at 66%.

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