Quebec's Daily New COVID-19 Case Count Hit A Low We Haven't Seen Since September

It's been months since the number of new cases was this low.
Quebec's Daily New COVID-19 Case Count Hit A Low We Haven't Seen Since September

The provincial government reported 669 new cases of COVID-19 in Quebec on February 15, the lowest single-day total since September.

New COVID-19 cases in Quebec have declined daily since February 12, when the province reported 1,049 new coronavirus cases.

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93% of Quebecers who contracted COVID-19 have recovered

The government reported 20 new COVID-19-related deaths — six that occurred within the 24 hours prior to February 16, 13 that occurred between February 9 and 14, and one that occurred prior to February 9.

Quebec also reported a current total of 771 patients with COVID-19 being treated in Quebec hospitals.

Two COVID-19 patients left Quebec's intensive care units as of February 16, for a total of 134 patients in Quebec ICUs. 

The government has administered 96% of COVID-19 vaccine doses it has received to date.

Montreal reported 316 and 328 new COVID-19 cases on February 14 and 15, respectively.

1 In 4 Quebecers Are Okay With Throwing The Unvaccinated In Jail, A New Survey Suggests

More than half of Canadians wouldn't even care if they DIED because of COVID-19, the Maru Group survey found.

According to a new study conducted by Maru Public Opinion, 27% of Quebecers would approve of forcing the unvaccinated to "serve up to five days as part of a jail sentence for endangering others/overwhelming health care system," which is in line with the national average.

More than half of Quebecers (55%) surveyed wouldn't even feel bad for unvaccinated people who end up really sick — or dying — from COVID-19, also in line with the Canadian average. Currently, 12% of Quebecers surveyed admit to refusing the vaccine.

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Health Canada Approved A Pfizer Pill To Treat COVID-19

In trials, the pill reduced deaths and hospitalizations by 89% versus a placebo.

Health Canada has officially approved Pfizer's COVID-19 antiviral treatment for use among adults 18 years and over. Considering that Quebec's hospitals are currently overwhelmed, the approval of the drug, called Paxlovid, might be the light at the end of the tunnel many have been looking for. (Although of course, we've heard that line before.)

Quebec's Minister of Health and Social Services Christian Dubé remarked on the approval on Monday, calling it "very good news" for the province and its overwhelmed health care system. In a tweet, Dubé stated that "we can hope that this treatment will eventually allow us to limit our hospitalizations due to COVID-19."

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A Quebec Judge Blocked An Unvaccinated Father From Visiting His Kid

It's not in the child's best interest for the father to see him, the judge said.

Judge Sébastien Vaillancourt of the Quebec Superior Court has suspended a father's visitation rights due to the man being unvaccinated against COVID-19.

It's no secret that the Québec government has imposed a handful of restrictions on unvaccinated populations, including Premier Legault's most recent plans to significantly tax the unvaccinated. But it seems as if the personal decision to get vaccinated or not is creating major issues for one Montreal father.

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Omicron Is Causing Airlines To Cancel Holiday Flights But YUL's In Good Shape

Numerous airlines around the world have cancelled dozens — if not hundreds — of flights.

COVID-19 tests, vaccine passports and masks aren't the only things making travel more difficult over the holidays this year. Multiple airlines around the world have cancelled dozens — if not hundreds — of flights this week, leaving thousands of people grounded, as Omicron cases surge.

These airlines include Lufthansa, Delta, United, Qantas and Jetstar.

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