You Can't Have Friends Over While Montreal Is In Red Alert

Though there's an exception for people living alone.
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Quebec's New Red Zone Gathering Rules Mean No Guests With Specific Exceptions

As of Thursday, October 1 at 12:00 a.m., Quebec's new red zone gathering rules will come into effect, according to Premier Legault

Red zone residents will only be allowed to hang out with members of their own household.

Visitors will be banned, with exceptions for people living alone, who may have one guest, "informal caregivers," "individuals offering services or support" and "labour for planned work."

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What it's all about right now is no gatherings, no meetings whatsoever.

Mayor Valérie Plante

Public activities and events will also be banned, except for places of worship and funerals, which will have a capacity limit of 25 people.

On Tuesday, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and her colleagues at the regional health authority and health care network doubled down on the provincial government's message to stop private and outdoor gatherings for the 28-day period beginning October 1.

"For the next month [...] if friends ask you to go to the park [...] and say 'let's keep a distance' — no, we're not there anymore," she said. 

The mayor especially implored all Montrealers to follow the rules during the upcoming holiday weekend. 

"We need to reconsider everything that was planned. [...] As we are going into the Thanksgiving weekend [...] we need to be responsible, we need to share the message that it's not the time" for gatherings.

"I'm asking all Montrealers and people in the entire metropolitan area to make this sacrifice one again, even though we are tired, even though it's difficult [...] for the morale," said Plante.

"We owe it to ourselves, [...] we owe it also to our neighbours, our kids, our elders." 

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