Quebec Released More Info On Its Vaccine Passport & It's Officially Coming Soon

The health minister confirmed dates, places, ages and the name of the app to download.

The COVID-19 vaccine passport in Quebec is officially taking effect on September 1, Minister of Health Christian Dubé confirmed in a press conference on August 24. He also confirmed more details on how the system will work.

"In recent weeks [...] we have carried those pilot projects to test the application of the vaccination passport," Dubé said. "We are now ready to start September 1."

As planned, the vaccine passport will be used for non-essential services, including bars, gyms, restaurants, festivals, and cinemas. The full list will be available on on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, said Dubé.

Dubé also addressed questions about how the passport would work for youth younger than 12 years old, who aren't currently eligible to get COVID-19 vaccines in the province.

The answer is that the vaccine passport will only apply to Quebecers aged 13 and older. Those 12 years old and under can continue to access public spaces without proof of vaccination.

Both mobile apps that make up the vaccine passport system will be available to download from the Apple App Store starting at 8 a.m. on August 25 and on Google Play in the coming days.

The QR code reader app for merchants is called VaxiCode Vérif and the app where citizens can store their proof of vaccination QR code is called VaxiCode.

"The vaccine passport is the balance we have found to keep our economy open while protecting the population," said Dubé.