The Rescue Operation To Save A Fox Trapped In The Old Port Is Still In Progress (VIDEOS)

Exclusive footage shows the rescue mission underway to save a fox stranded on ice by the quays.

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Sauvetage Animal Rescue is trying to save a fox trapped on ice in Montreal

Sauvetage Animal Rescue is trying to save a fox trapped on ice in Montreal

A fox stuck on ice in the Old Port of Montreal, caught between the quays for at least 10 days, has been raising alarm around town, and a challenging animal rescue operation is still underway after multiple days.

The Sauvetage Animal Rescue team was on-site Friday, Saturday and Sunday after failed attempts to capture the fox. The nonprofit sent exclusive videos and photos of the rescue mission in progress to Narcity Québec and it looks pretty intense.

Sauvetage Animal Rescue in action Sauvetage Animal Rescue in actionCourtesy of Sauvetage Animal Rescue

In a Facebook Live video, a member of Sauvetage Animal Rescue shows "all the cracks [in the dock] where the animal can get through, but it's so small that we have to send our smallest rescuers." Two female rescuers are said to be by the openings, trying to save the fox.

"The idea is to provoke the fox to get out of there, and after that we nab it. If it goes in the water, we have a boat there. We've thought of everything. We might have to run a bit, but we'll get him," the team member says.

Sauvetage Animal Rescue in actionMaimindcanada | YouTube

In a video, one of the rescuers can be heard, torch in hand, saying in French, "I'm trying to be careful because there's like rust everywhere, stuff you can get hurt on, so we're going in quietly, but safely."

Sauvetage Animal Rescue in actionMaimindcanada | YouTube

"There are indeed paw prints and then feathers," says the rescuer on her way, suggesting that the animal is could be closeby.

Sauvetage Animal Rescue in actionMaimindcanada | YouTube

On Saturday, Sauvetage Animal Rescue posted a Facebook update explaining that the team had installed a large trap cage with meat to attract the animal, which it was monitoring, and that it would wait until the following day before attempting a "more aggressive capture."

The post also says that the animal is too small to be sedated.

According to the organization, the fox has access to space around the docks where it can take refuge if the ice melts.

"However, if it decides to swim, the current to cross would be dangerous," the post says.

A spokesperson for the animal rescue told Narcity they found the fox's "dining room," confirming their theory that it has been feeding on birds.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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