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The Montreal Fox Rescue In The Old Port Has Been Put On Ice

The animal has eaten and is opting to stay put.

​The stranded fox walks along broken ice near King Edward Quay.

The stranded fox walks along broken ice near King Edward Quay.

Courtesy of @gre_gg | Instagram

A fox that has been stranded in Montreal's Old Port for two weeks will stay there a bit longer. Despite ongoing rescue attempts by Sauvetage Animal Rescue (SAR), the wild animal remains at large.

"[The rescue] is not done," said SAR Director Eric Dussault in a live Facebook video.

Rescuers are trying to entice the fox out from under King Edward Quay with fresh meat in a large trapdoor cage, but the tactic has not worked so far because the fox has taken refuge under the dock.

Dussault said the fox has been able to hunt near the underground parking of the Montreal Science Centre, but that resources are limited and depleting quickly.

"It's not a place for a fox," he said, "To those who suggest we just leave the animal to live its life in the wild, this is not a safe space for it to stay," he said.

According to a SAR Facebook update, the animal appears "young and inexperienced." It has been scared to venture from its hiding place, even as the ice under the quay continues to melt.

Attempts to make noise to relocate the fox have proven similarly futile. A boat was on-standby yesterday in case the fox fell into the water surrounding the quay.

"That was a more aggressive rescue approach," said Dussault. "The problem is that the fox can run toward any of the dozen openings under the quay, so it's difficult to anticipate."

Dussault warned that if the ice under the quay melts further, the animal's life will be in danger.

A rescue team is staying on-site today to monitor the situation.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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