Legault Gave Us A Better Idea About When Home Visits Could Be Allowed Again In Quebec

A turning point could come in a matter of weeks.
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Some Measures In Quebec Could Be Lifted Once 65+ Are Vaccinated

In a press conference on Tuesday, Premier François Legault gave listeners a better idea as to when he foresees lifting measures in Quebec.

"When we will have vaccinated all people 65 years and older [...] it will be a whole new ballgame," the premier said.

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When will older Quebecers be vaccinated?

Though he made clear he couldn't present a timeline and that his decisions will depend on the advice he gets from public health authorities, he said he imagines that at that point "we'll be able to start to have home visits."

He further stated that this turning point could come in "a certain number of weeks."

As for relaxing restrictions in Montreal, which is still in the red zone, Legault said he also hopes "to be able to announce good news" once older Quebecers are vaccinated, which he tentatively suggested could be in "a big month," again underlining that he can't announce a date.

What did Dr. Arruda have to say?

Asked when he expected to relax measures, National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda gave a slightly more concrete response, saying he thought "Easter is too soon."

He also suggested that the lifting of health rules will be a gradual process and that some rules could persist longer than others.

"Even if we have made reductions [in measures]," he said, "it is very important to respect the progress of the reductions and [...] the instructions if we don't want to go backwards."

Legault finished his initial remarks by rallying Quebecers to push forward just a bit longer.

"We must continue all our efforts in the coming weeks," he said.

"You've been fighting the virus for a year. I know we can continue a bit more. I'm counting on you all."

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