Some Montrealers Woke Up To Watermelons With Strange Notes On Their Doorsteps (VIDEO)

Move over Santa and the Tooth Fairy and make way for the Watermelon Man! A fairytale creature might be the only explanation after residents on one street in the Montreal Bois-Franc neighbourhood woke up Monday morning to find watermelons placed inexplicably on almost all of their doorsteps. Stranger still, the melons came with mysterious notes like "enjoy your watermelon," "don't eat me" or, taking inspiration from Harry Styles, "watermelon sugar high."

That's according to resident Elana Sadeh Zeitoune, whose neighbour's house was among those gifted with the viny fruit.

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She said she suspects that the perpetrator(s) "started at one row of homes and started to run out as they continued as once they got to our row the watermelons were more sporadically placed."

"It looks like in two rows of townhouses every house received one and then they get more sporadic as if they were running out by the time they got to my row."

A video taken by her daughter shows the extent of the watermelon delivery.

Zeitoune said she and her neighbours are still skeptical of the gift they've been bestowed.

In a post to a neighbourhood Facebook page, some encouraged residents with watermelon to throw them away rather than risk eating them.

The SPVM did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the watermelon.

As for whether she would dare to eat the fruit, Zeitoune said she's hoping the deliverer comes forward first.

Courtesy of Elana Sadeh Zeitoune

Could it be a prank by a local team? Or is something supernatural afoot? There are no answers yet.

Courtesy of Elana Sadeh Zeitoune

Watermelon Man, if you're out there, give us a sign that you're real.