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Quebec Is Going To Let Students From Different Classes Play Sports Together

Only "if all goes well."
Staff Writer
Students At Quebec Schools Will Be Able To Play Sports Together Starting September 14

In a press conference on Friday, Premier François Legault announced that from September 14, all sporting and artistic activities at Quebec schools will be allowed "if all goes well."

He said that students from different classes will be able to take up these activities together.

"It's very important to have sports and art classes first of all to not only motivate our young people but they also have a positive impact on their performance," said Legault. 

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As of September 14, all sport and artistic activities will take place if all goes well.

Premier François Legault 

He stressed, however, that the plan would only proceed if the COVID-19 situation remains manageable. 

He made clear these activities will only proceed "if rules are applied and the number of cases remains at the same level we have currently."

"I hope that everything will go well and that in two weeks our children, our young people will be able to restart scoring goals in all sorts of sports and having fun in all sorts of artistic activities."

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