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A New Dating App Is Launching In Montreal This Month — So You Can Forget All About Tinder

Teleport is throwing swiping out the window. ❤️
A New Dating App Is Launching In Montreal This Month — So You Can Forget All About Tinder

If you're tired of swiping aimlessly on Tinder for hours, mark June 17 on your calendar. This is when the new dating app Teleport will be launching in Montreal.

Teleport is ready to revolutionize the way you online date and build connections by setting you up with five-minute video chats with people that share similar interests as you.

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What is Teleport?

Teleport is a new video speed-dating platform where you get set up with five people that you share similarities with and get to go on five dates in 30 minutes. 

Afterwards, you're able to continue messaging the people you met during the dates if you both chose the option to keep talking to one another.

It is designed for people of all sexual orientations. 

To get paired up, you get yourself a "ticket" for different events that pique your interest, such as one called "Outdoor Adventure anyone?" then you will get to meet people who also signed up for the same event when it begins.

As of right now, the following Montreal personalities will be hosting events for Teleport. "Brandon from Happy Tears, Chantal from The Deep Space, Mauricio and Emily from hinter, Stephanie and Mauricio from Stemhaus, the team at Spin Énergie, KALLITECHNIS, Dalla Rose, and Erica and Olivia from Mme L'Ovary."

Teleport will officially launch in Montreal on June 17 at 8 p.m. and you'll be able to start signing up for events that evening, which will allow you to go on dates with people of similar interests.

"Starting June 17th, we will have weekly events on Thursdays, 8 pm where people are smartly paired," Teleport told MTL Blog.

Why do the creators think Teleport is necessary in today's world?

The creators of Teleport, Chad Goodman, Tyler Greenberg and Michael Ding have been working on the app for two years now. "We completely evolved the way you meet new people," the creators told MTL Blog.

"The future of social is live, in the moment, and as exciting as the real world. We believe that the best encounters are face-to-face. When you can see their smile, hear their voice, and feel their energy."

"Swiping right will never replace that magic. But, swiping and texting have replaced real connections. The very apps that seek to bring us together are what are making us feel so alone."

They concluded by saying, "Dating should be exciting, in the moment, and face-to-face, not a mindless game, swiping on fake profiles. Teleport is inspired by the real world, and we believe that it’s the first real dating app.”

How can I make a Teleport profile?

Once Teleport launches on June 17, you'll be able to go to either the website or the app, which you can find under "Teleport Dating: Video Events" on the Apple App Store, and start building your profile.

When creating your Teleport profile, you'll be asked different questions like your star sign, how often you exercise, "do you enjoy drinking?" and more to help the team at Teleport get to know you better.

You can also write a bio about yourself and add various photos. 

Once your profile is all set up, you can take a look at the events happening for Montreal and see which ones you'd be interested in video chatting people at!

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