The Aquarium du Québec's Walrus Arnaliaq Has Died At The Age Of 17
Aquarium de Quebec Aquarium de Quebec

In the distant future, 2020 in Quebec will likely be remembered for these two things: the pandemic and the death of beloved sea creatures. On Monday, Arnaliaq, a 17-year-old female Atlantic walrus that captured the hearts of both visitors and trainers, died in captivity at the Aquarium du Québec.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. 

Yes, that's right. Somehow, another much-loved and gorgeous sea mammal has died in Quebec.

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Despite the medical treatment provided by the veterinary team, Arnaliaq died in the early hours of Monday, October 26. 

Aquarium du Québec

According to the aquarium's Facebook page, "more analyzes are underway" to determine Arnaliaq's cause of death "and the results will be known in the coming weeks."

The walrus began to display abnormal behaviour in the days before her death and "a general anesthesia was performed this Sunday [...] in order to find the origin of her condition and to treat her."

"The anesthesia proceeded without complications initially, but upon awakening, Arnaliaq developed severe respiratory distress unresponsive to treatment," said the aquarium. 

Arnaliaq sadly joins the Saint Lawerence humpback whale and the seal within our collective memories.

Why Quebec seems to be so deadly to sea creatures is unclear but maybe those sharks should think twice before swimming up the fleuve. 

National Geographic says that Atlantic walruses can live up to 40 years in the wild, making Arnaliaq's tragic passing even more depressing to think about.