The Gross Poutine Featured On The Bachelor Is An Insult To The Entire Province Of Quebec

The Twitter reactions are priceless!
The Gross Poutine Featured On The Bachelor Is An Insult To The Entire Province Of Quebec

A scene from Monday night's episode of The Bachelor has Canadians enraged (at least on Twitter) after the show disgraced our national dish — Quebec's provincial treasure, the poutine.

Preparing the bachelor to meet her family, Toronto publicist Serena introduced him to iconic Canadian foods. However, in an affront to Quebecers everywhere, the "poutine" was not poutine. It was chunky, greying gravy with a few pieces of drying cheese strewn on a bed of fries. 

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It's unclear whether the "poutine's" cheese is made of Quebec's "squish squish" cheese curds, but one thing is for certain — whatever the dish is, it's not one Quebecers can be proud of.

A tweet from the Bachelor Party podcast only made matters worse. It urged members of #BachelorNation to pick one Canadian delicacy — all of which look nothing like the truly Canadian dishes we know and love.

In what could be the most accurate description of the horrendous photo, one Twitter user said the "poutine" looked like barf.

Another Twitter user asked if whoever made that poutine had ever been to Canada before — a valid question. Based on their idea of Canadian food, we'd be willing to guess that they absolutely haven't. 

A Toronto-based commenter said that even McDonald's poutine looks better.

If you've ordered a McDonald's poutine through a delivery app and received it cold, dry and clumped together, you know it still looks more appetizing than this fake poutine. 

Quebecer "Hugo Boss" is clearly offended by the blatant attack on his culture.

We'd have to agree with our fellow enraged Canadians. Bachelor team, we don't know who hurt you — but in true Canadian fashion, we're sorry. 

If you truly want to be more Canadian, you should probably apologize too... if you want... please.

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