A Montreal Group Made A Helpful Guide For ACTUALLY Sticking To Your New Year's Resolutions

The guide is made for six different personality types and is totally free!
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A Montreal Group Made A Helpful Guide For ACTUALLY Sticking To Your New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again. Time to think of all of the things you've been putting off all year and making plans for that magical day of January 1 where you suddenly get that boost of motivation for your long list of resolutions. But how often do you start off strong then finding your motivation falling faster than the year before?

That's why the team at The Habit Society created their guide to "Your Not-So-New-Year's-Resolution Guide," filled with tips and tricks for every type of resolution to help you not just think of your list, but actually get them done.

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And, the tips are for six different personality types — so you're bound to relate to at least one of them.

The Montreal-based company doesn't just want to help you out for the new year. It also makes weekly newsletters to help you stay on top of your goals all throughout the year.

The Fitness Fanatic

  • The Ten-Minute Rule: Doing a habit all day every day can seem daunting. But doing it for just ten minutes a day? Piece of cake!

  • Start Slow: A wise tortoise once said, "Slow and steady wins the race." How often have you gone from 0-100 real quick when it comes to getting back into the gym? All you need to do is start with a bit and work your way up to make sure you get from 0-100 in a realistic timeframe.

The Meditation Master

  • Set A Cue: We all need a reminder every now and then. If you keep forgetting to do your daily meditation, give yourself a friendly reminder, like a notification on your phone or writing yourself a note.

  • Get It Done In The Morning: What's better than ticking something off of your daily checklist first thing in the morning? One thing that's already done in your already busy day.

The Book Worm

  • Idle Time: The day may seem to get away from you and it can feel like there aren't enough hours in a day. But all you need is a few minutes, really. Any downtime that you have, whether it's 15, ten or even five minutes can be the perfect amount of time to pick up that book.

  • Stack 'Em: Habits can go as perfectly together as pancakes and maple syrup. It may feel hard to get started with a habit, like reading a book, but stacking it with another habit can help. For example, "When I finish breakfast, I'll read one chapter."

The Digital Detoxer

  • Use Screen Time As A Reward: Screen time is such a mundane part of our lives. But why not try to make it a little more special? Instead of mindlessly picking it up in the middle of a task, try not to let yourself check your phone or that open tab until after your task is complete. Really work for it!

  • Eliminate The Cue: It's no secret that if your phone is right in front of you, you'll be way more inclined to pick it up. Keep it out of sight and out of mind while you're working, or at the very least turn off those enticing notifications if you need it close by.

The Health Guru

  • The Golden Rule: It's not enough to eliminate, but you need to replace. In the same way that you can't go from 0-100, you can't go from 100-0 real quick. The reward still needs to be there, but it's how you get there that should be the focus.

  • Your Environment: Just like your phone, if that box of cookies or that bag of chips is near, it's a lot easier to cave and tuck in. Take it one step further and make your healthy alternatives accessible by stocking up on healthy items or even meal prepping.

The Early Riser

  • Better Sleep Habits: The truth is if you don't sleep well, you don't wake up well, either. Get into good habits for a better night's sleep to make sure that your morning routine starts with a smooth sailing out of bed.

  • Avoid The Snooze: Juuuuuust ten more minutes! But it's not really. Hitting that snooze button for even ten minutes can totally throw off the rest of the day. Once that alarm goes off, let's get that day started!

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