The Lineup Outside Montreal's Ardene Warehouse Sale Was 4 Hours Long (PHOTOS)

It's very difficult to respect social distancing!
The Lineup Outside Montreal's Ardene Warehouse Sale Was 4 Hours Long (PHOTOS)

Every year, Montreal-based accessories and clothing chain Ardène holds a large warehouse sale to liquidate its surplus. While the event usually draws huge crowds — as everything is under $5 — this year is no exception, and the current health situation makes the experience quite difficult. Ardène's warehouse sale began on Wednesday, September 9 and will run until October 18 in Montreal.

The retailer announced that compliance with sanitary measures would be essential throughout the sale. Masks and hand cleaning are mandatory upon the arrival of each customer.

All sales are also final and no refunds or exchanges will be possible once your purchases are completed.

Despite the long duration of the event taking place in the former Saint-Laurent Loblaws, it took less than one hour after the opening for an announcement made via social networks to reveal that the wait to enter the warehouse sale was four hours long. 

"Our warehouse sale is a must, but we can't predict how many people will show up. The wait time is currently 4 hours," shared Ardène. 

Although the capacity in the shop is reduced to meet government requirements for social distancing, customers do not seem to be able to respect the famous "two-metre distance" requirement.

This is particularly difficult at checkouts that are close together, in queues and around more coveted items.

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Pascale, a customer who was there early this morning, deplores the lack of respect of some of the people present.

"As you can see, the two metres is actually two centimetres," she said. 

Adrène has indicated on its page that it's concerned about customer safety. The retailer, therefore, reserves the right to refuse access by the end of the day. 

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"Your safety is our priority. Ardène and Continental Retail Services reserves the right to refuse access to the sale if we are at full capacity or near closing time." 

The Ardène warehouse sale in Montreal is on for another five weeks until October 18, 2020.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.