The Canadiens Want To Have Over 10,000 Fans In The Bell Centre For The Stanley Cup

The Habs are waiting for a decision from the government.
The Montreal Canadiens Want More Fans At The Bell Centre

The Montreal Canadiens' executive vice-president, France Margaret Bélanger, has confirmed that the Habs and the Bell Centre are prepared to welcome 10,500 fans for Friday's Stanley Cup Finals game in Montreal and in discussions with Quebec's public health authorities to make that happen. But no decision has been made yet.

"We are at 3,500 people in the Bell Centre [...] and we asked about the possibility of obtaining 50% capacity, so, 10,500 people," she said at a press conference

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"We are in conversation with the government and public health since Friday, with the green zone announcement," said Bélanger.

"We are waiting for news from the government."

Bélanger explained that social distancing and mask-wearing is still important and that they aim to have as many controls as possible in the arena. 

"The Bell Centre is 2 million square feet. We are confident that we have the means and the expertise necessary to be able to welcome all those people."

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