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The SPVM Inspected 3,314 Businesses For Red-Zone Rule Infractions Last Week, Up 966%

Montreal police have been extra vigilant about COVID-19 protocols.
The SPVM Inspected 3,314 Businesses For Red-Zone Rule Infractions Last Week, Up 966%

The Montreal police service (SPVM) has released its weekly update on compliance with COVID-19 public health protocols, including calls to the tip line, statements of offence and inspections. 

It looks like the premier was serious when he said Quebec would be cracking down because inspections were up 966% for the week of December 7 to 13, from the previous week.

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3,314 Businesses inspected by the SPVM from December 7 to 13

Between December 7 and 13, Montreal police say they inspected over 3,314 businesses. They also inspected 1 licensed establishment and 139 "other locations."

This is compared to the week of November 30 to December 6, when the SPVM reported it inspected 10 licensed establishments and 314 "other locations."

To go from conducting 324 inspections to 3,454 is an increase of 966.05%. 

"The inspections aim to ensure compliance with the sanitary measures in force," a spokesperson for the SPVM told MTL Blog. 

"When they find a breach, the police warn offenders and educate them about the importance of following government instructions." 

The SPVM spokesperson did not specify which types of Montreal businesses were inspected or issued fines.  

The drastic increase in inspections comes after Premier François Legault warned Quebecers about increased police presence in the province, implemented to enforce red-zone rules, resulting in fines between $1,000 and $6,000.

In its tweet, the SPVM said that between December 7 and 13, it received 587 calls to the SPVM COVID-19 tip line — where Montrealers can report those they believe are violating public health protocols.

Within the week, police also issued 74 tickets. 

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