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These 'Cookie Pies' Might Be The Most Decadent Thing In Montreal

These 'Cookie Pies' Might Be The Most Decadent Thing In Montreal

Cookie? Or pie? One of life's toughest decisions, but thanks to Anita Martella-Mulé, a.k.a Madame Munchy, a Montreal-based home baker who has brought the city its first-ever cookie pie, we don't need to choose anymore.

Known for her wild and creative desserts, the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Cookie Pie" has brought sugary goodness to her loyal subjects.

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Currently, the cookie pie is offered in three flavours: Reeses's Peanut Butter Cups, Crunchie and Mars Bar. But Madame Munchy is super flexible and can fill them with just about anything. 

Done in a homemade cookie crust and with chocolate filling made from scratch, these pies are the ultimate decadence fit for royalty.

The pies are $40 with a $5-10 delivery fee depending on the location. You can also pick up in Côte-Des-Neiges or Hochelaga.

[rebelmouse-image 26878963 photo_credit="bonappetitmesamies | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="6000x4000"] bonappetitmesamies | Instagram

As for the Madame, herself, "I love over the top desserts, like the ones on my menu (Slutty Cheesecake, Fudges, Millionaire Bars) but couldn’t really find anywhere to buy them," she told MTL Blog.

"So, I started making them myself. Once family and friends got a taste they all wanted to place orders, so I decided to start selling them."

"The Cookie Pie is a first for Montreal as far as we know, since no one has ever seen one before! The dream is for it to become a staple of Montreal desserts! Montreal Smoked Meat, Montreal Steak Spice, Montreal Bagels… Montreal Cookie Pie!"

Madame Munchy

Price: $40 for the cookie pie, $5-10 for delivery

Where: Online

Why You Need To Check It Out: For a never-done-before, fit-for-royalty dessert you need to try to believe.

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