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These Montreal Bros Started A Men's Wellness Brand So Good Even Bryan Adams Approves

Manmade is putting Montreal on the map.

Manmade co-founders with Bryan Adams, Right: Manmade boxer briefs.

Manmade co-founders with Bryan Adams, Right: Manmade boxer briefs.

When it comes to revolutionizing men's underwear, Manmade certainly knows what they're doing. The men's wellness brand came to fruition after four best friends left their cushy finance jobs to remedy the issue of terrible men's underwear. However, Manmade isn't just about underwear, the brand is about providing men with quality essentials they need without the BS they don't. Talk about a grand slam slogan, right?

Since starting their journey back in June 2020, Manmade co-founders Anthony Ciavirella, Philip Santagata, Robert Marzin and Roberto "Berto" Rebelo have gone on to create a boxer brief made of modal fabric fitted with a "mansack" to really protect those family jewels. Yes, a "mansack!" But how good could the undies really be?

Well, Bryan Adams is a fan, as are the thousands of customers Manmade has served since launching the boxer briefs. MTL Blog spoke with Ciavirella, who gushed about their meeting with the Canadian musician.

After sending the "Summer Of '69" singer a few pairs of Manmade boxer briefs, Adams took the opportunity to reach out and meet with the Manmade founders to really let 'em know just how much he loved their products.

"We were introduced to Bryan Adams through our very good friend and PR specialist, Jessica Panetta, owner of Conceptual Events Society," Ciavirella said.

Anthony went on to say what was meant to be a coffee and catch-up with the rock legend himself turned into a three-hour meeting — thanks to their sleek and chic underwear. That's the power of comfort for ya!

While the boxer briefs are life-changing, Manmade isn't just about underwear. The company has since rolled out a classic tee, socks and a soap bar, all of which were pitched to the familiar faces of Dragon's Den. Hold up...Bryan Adams and now Dragon's Den? Damn, straight.

After applying back in January, Manmade managed to score a pitch on the hit CBC show, they even got a few of the dragons themselves to test out their products, Ciavirella told MTL Blog.

Now, you might be saying "Oh, great! Another underwear brand trying to explode in the biz.." But like we said, Manmade is far more than just underwear. It's a mindset, a movement and a whole f*cking mood.

Although we can't spill the beans on what went down, you can tune in to the episode next month and visit Manmade's Instagram page as they document their Dragon's Den journey. While you're there, you can scope out a few pics of the team posing in an array of Montreal landmarks in nothing but their signature boxer briefs — a marketing tactic that has only added even more flare to their game.

With so much going on, Manmade is already thinking a few steps ahead. When asked what's next for the men's essential brand, Ciavirella said the vision is to eventually have their own stores and expand their roster of stellar products so that the everyday man can feel supported in all areas, starting with his junk.

After launching Manmade this time last year, the team is now going all out with an anniversary bundle that includes two boxer briefs, a tee, two pairs of socks and two soap bars — allowing you to get a real feel of what Manmade is all about.

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