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I Tried Montreal’s New Luxury Spa & It's Worth The Price To Feel Like A Royal

The Guerlain Spa at the Four Seasons just hits different...💆🏻

Person at the Guerlain Spa in Montreal, Right: The relaxation room at the Guerlain Spa in Montreal.

Person at the Guerlain Spa in Montreal, Right: The relaxation room at the Guerlain Spa in Montreal.

Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

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If there's one thing I will never get tired of is a good spa. So, when it was announced that the Four Seasons in Downtown Montreal was opening up an urban oasis, I was immediately intrigued.

The name itself, the Guerlain Spa, oozes with opulence, so it was no surprise that the entire experience was as luxurious as it gets. And when I say luxury, I mean Luxury with a capital L, dahling!

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the smiling faces of the Guerlain Spa team. They handed me a pair of slippers (that actually fit my size 13 feet) and a delish tea that I sipped before heading into the changing rooms, which totally deserve a far more sumptuous name, 'cause "changing rooms" just doesn't do it justice.


The Guerlain Spa @ the Four Seasons Montréal is next level 💆🏻‍♂️✨ #spaday #massage #fourseasons #montreal #mtl #guerlainspa #fyp

As I entered the changing rooms (again, we need a better name), I was provided with towels and a robe that actually fit my larger body type. A quick thank you to the Guerlain Spa for having inclusive sizes. Who wouldn't rather be at ease and comfortable than break a sweat trying to connect the two ends of a robe's cincture, y'know? *cough literally any other spa I've been to cough*.

I was then able to scrub away my worries in a shower that I never wanted to get out of (sounds cliché, but if you were in my place, you'd be saying the exact same thing), but alas, I did have a massage scheduled, so I had no choice.

The spa attendant then guided me to Guerlain Spa's relaxation room, which totally lived up to its name.

Guests are able to relax and rejuvenate or even take a swim at the spa's heated pool before receiving one of the many treatments the spa offers, including facials, massages, body wraps, and even some more exclusive and signature treatments that my wallet may not be able to afford. But a man can still dream, right?

I was beyond blown away the moment I walked in — not only because I felt like I had walked into a spa at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, but also because I was instantly offered a beverage and snack, and l love a good snack.

Beverage and snack at the spa.Beverage and snack at the spa.Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

The spa offers infused water and an array of teas and scones to enjoy while you await your treatment.

As I sipped on my grapefruit and rosemary-infused water, I decided to take advantage of the Kneipp Water Therapy experience, which my feet totally thanked me for.

The stone floor, which I used as a walkway to channel my inner Naomi Campbell also did wonders at stimulating release on the bottoms of my feet.

At this point, I would've been fine just spending my day here — but that massage was calling my name.

I received the Power of Montreal massage, which tackled the legs, back and arms — and as someone who deals with a pain condition, I couldn't wait for the massage therapist to work their magic on me. And magical it was.

The massage chair.The massage chair.Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

I was greeted by the massage therapist and brought into a gorgeous private room. I was tucked into a heated massage bed. Mhm, yes. A heated massage bed. The lights were then dimmed all the way down and I was taken on a sensual journey through a few destinations including the South of France and Spain.

"You are now in the South of Spain. You're on the beach, feeling the sand beneath your feet, taking in the sun and listening to the waves of the ocean," the massage therapist began to detail. With every destination, I was introduced to a new scent that enveloped the room.

After reaching each of our destinations, I was then asked to select the scent that resonated with me the most and of course, the South of France was where it was at.

The massage began and in no time, my body began to succumb to the stellar work of Coraline — who I'd totally recommend by the way.

I've never been one to ever fall asleep while receiving a massage but gosh was this time the closest I've gotten.

As my mind and body relaxed, Coraline was able to really work wonders on some problem spots, making it clear she knew exactly what she was doing.

While I love a good massage, or in this case a great one, it always ends too soon *sighs in relaxed sadness*.

Luckily, the relaxation continued back where it started. I was able to enjoy a post-massage treat including some alkaline water, a yummy chocolate dessert and a glass of Prosecco. Who am I, right?

The post-massage treat.The post-massage treat.Mike Chaar | MTL Blog

As I sipped away, did a bit more hydrotherapy and laid down as the effects of the massage washed over me — it dawned on me that the royal treatment really is worth anything... really.

I then went back into the changing rooms (still can't believe I'm using this term), took another shower and walked out feeling more relaxed than I'd been in months.

Guerlain Spa, I will see you soon.

Guerlain Spa At The Four Seasons

Price: Varies by treatment (the Power of Montreal massage starts at $220 and is worth every. single. penny.)

Address: 1440, rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC


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