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These Montreal Maps Show Where To Find All The City's Public Art & What Each Piece Means

An easy way to plan a new walk through the city!🏙️

Posing in front of a mural in Montreal. Right: Leonard Cohen mural in Montreal.

Posing in front of a mural in Montreal. Right: Leonard Cohen mural in Montreal.

Montreal is an artsy city, filled with arresting sculptures, video projections on buildings, murals and countless more public art displays hiding in neighbourhood corners. There's a lot to see if you know where to look!

If you're into street art and city walks, you can come up with your own itinerary and discover our city's hidden cultural gems thanks to the interactive maps by Art Public Montréal and MURAL.

The former shows you the exact locations of more than 360 public artworks on the Island of Montreal, including sculptures (red dots), installations (blue), paintings (orange), photographs (purple) and multimedia (green).

Map of Montreal's public art.Map of Montreal's public art.Art Public Montréal

Art Public Montréal identifies each creation with a picture and information about the artist. You'll also find the meaning behind each piece, so you'll never walk by a giant abstract installation downtown wondering, "WTF is this?" ever again.

The second map from Montreal's MURAL festival is designed for graffiti and mural lovers, marking the works of art that go up during the popular early summer event.

You can find the locations of over one hundred murals on boulevard Saint-Laurent and surrounding areas. Pink icons mark new murals from the most recent festival edition and gray is for murals from previous years that are still visible. You also have access to a directory of artists by year that leads you to the artwork on the map.

So if you love art in all its forms but you want to save money on museums, you now have all the elements to become your own tour guide!

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