A memorial to the Queen in Latvia. Right, the interior of Pub Burgundy Lion.

A memorial to the Queen in Latvia. Right, the interior of Pub Burgundy Lion.

Queen Elizabeth II's death has led to a variety of reactions in Quebec — though no day off, unfortunately. Many people, politicians and even establishments offered their condolences after the monarch's death, including British Pub Burgundy Lion in Montreal.

Now that the Queen's funeral has a date (it's tomorrow, if you were somehow unaware), the pub has announced a special event to honour the funeral. Burgundy Lion will be opening its doors at 5 a.m. to commemorate the former ruler's last rites.

They're opening so early because, of course, there is a massive time difference between us over here and the U.K., where Her Majesty's services are kicking off at a much more reasonable 11 a.m.

The Burgundy Lion will be serving coffee, tea and "light snacks" as the funeral proceeds, perhaps sweetening the experience for attendees.

If you want to join in, whether that's to celebrate or to mourn, the pub asks that you contact them over phone or by email so they know how many devout serfs — sorry, subjects — will be in attendance.

For those who plan to stay for a while, the menu features traditional English pub fare, and you can even reserve a high tea, if you're so inclined.

Pub Burgundy Lion's Celebration of Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Where: 2496, Notre Dame O. Montreal, QC

When: Monday, September 19, 5 a.m.

Why You Should Go: To watch a historic event, mourn a "great leader," or celebrate a colonial figurehead's demise, this traditional but laid-back pub atmosphere will welcome whatever feelings you may be experiencing.


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