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This Montreal Property For Sale Near Parc La Fontaine Comes With A Whole Secret Cottage

Plus a workshop next to the courtyard for working from home.
This Montreal Property For Sale Near Parc La Fontaine Comes With A Whole Secret Cottage

If you dream of moving to the Plateau Mont-Royal, you might not find anything more special than this Montreal property for sale.

The primary structure is a lovely Victorian-style duplex with a view of the popular Parc La Fontaine right across the street.

But the real treasures are hiding in the back.

A third door at the front of the main building leads to a long corridor that opens onto an expansive, manicured courtyard.

In the back, there's a separate workshop with its own kitchen and bathroom and a charming little cottage at the very end of the property.

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Broker Sandra Angelozzi told MTL Blog that the duplex units currently house students.

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

Skylights, transoms, and a solarium flood the spaces with light.

Both units exude a particularly Montreal type of coziness.

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

Some characteristically Plateau features shine through in the apartments: detailed moulding, exposed wood beams, planks and brick walls, and tall ceilings. 

But the semi-detached cottage is in a class of its own: the open first floor puts its wood beams, panels, and floors on full display.

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

Upstairs, according to the listing, there's a bedroom, boudoir, and balcony.

The enormous courtyard tucked among the odd shapes of the adjacent buildings is a piece of "countryside in the city."

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

The glass façade of the workshop maximizes views of the surrounding garden and patio.

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

The workshop — ideal for working from home — has its own kitchen and bathroom.

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

Unique Duplex Across From Parc La Fontaine

Sandra Angelozzi | Royal LePage

Price: $1,799,000

Address: 4126 – 4130 ave. du Parc-La Fontaine

Description: A special property including a two-unit main Victorian-style building, cozy cottage, and workshop in the back.

View Here

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